Dianne Devroe born August 7, 1946. She was a beautiful mother of three beautiful girls, Tammy Devroe, Shemeika Hayes and Stormy Jones. She was married twice through out her life to Jack Roth and Fred Hayes.
Dianne Devroe was blessed to see her first and second generation of grandchildren. She is survived by her grandchildren and great grandchildren Corneleus Randall, Marsha Randall, Anthon Jones, Domanike Randall, Matthew Randall, Marques Jones, Erin Jones, Chantéz Ford, Semaj Sheilds, Aliyah Jones, Ashten Washington, Corneleus Jr., Lamar Washington, and Royal Devroe.
Dianne Devroe was the oldest child. She leaves behind a sister, Odessa Randle. She now joins her brother Gregory Charles aka “Greg”, Mother, Gracie Devroe and father, Charles Devroe.
Mrs. Devroe was a Mother, Granny, Friend to many in her community and will be truly missed.

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See you later
I know one day I will see you again.
Until then, I will hold onto your love and your beautiful grin.
The smile on your face, I will never forget
the way you never stopped loving us despite our bullshit.
Thinking of the day we’ll meet again
I can’t wait to see you and Papa and all our family and friends.
I know you are looking down on us all,
giving us strength to hold up and move on.
I’m not going to lie and say this is not hard.
I was not ready for you to go and be with the Lord.
There was so much I still needed to say.
I didn’t get a chance to tell you
how sorry I was for hurting you and turning out this way.
I know the high hopes you had for me.
But even though I went a different route, you never gave up on me.
You are a one of a kind Mama and I’m gonna truly miss you.
I’m gonna carry you in my heart until the day I can kiss you.
I’m going to talk to you until the day I die
because I know you can hear me and are always by my side.
Just like now, I know you’re here.
I can feel your kisses and you hugging me.
So, see you later ma’am and always remember,
I’m never letting you go.

By Shemeika Hayes